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If you want to Be Fit, you have to Be Relentless. Relentless in Spirit and in State of Mind. At Relentless Fitness we believe in a unique approach. Relentless is an immersive experience in fitness, giving you all the tools you need to Be Fit and Be Healthy. Our mix of training and nutrition can help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Whatever your fitness goals may be, Relentless will work with you to create an individual fitness formula for success.

For those just starting their fitness journey, exercise and nutrition can be intimidating and overwhelming. At Relentless Fitness we want to ignite your fire and get you going.

Relentless can get you started with our unique Ignite 9 program. Ignite 9 works comprehensively to structure your approach to fitness. During the 9 week Ignite program, you will participate in courses that include focus on Body Weight Cardio, Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training, Core Training, Tabata, and Circuit training. Our 9 private weekly sessions with a personal trainer and 9 weekly nutrition seminars will provide the tools to complete your individual needs and goals to help continue on the path to success. Ignite 9 is the perfect way to light the fire you need for fitness success.

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Whether you have just completed our Ignite 9 Program, or are ready for a new challenge, Relentless Fitness offers our Signature “Supervised Training” Membership Program. Our “Supervised Training” Program features personalized, customized, and attentive training design tailored to each individual. After your Ignite 9 Program, you will continue into our Signature “Supervised Training” Membership Program. Our Supervised Training allows you to work out while having someone there to correct your form and motivate you during workouts. Our Relentless Staff will work to set up a program in which you will focus on specific goals that change every four weeks to add variety and diversity to your routine. Along with our monthly health and nutrition seminars, Relentless is giving you all the tools you need for fitness success.

Co-founders Matt Strout and Jordan Kauffman started Relentless Fitness & Training with a single mission and vision to create “The People’s Gym”. Relentless Fitness has become a truly immersive experience in fitness, giving its members all the tools needed to be fit and be healthy, and creating the standard in the health, fitness, and wellness industry.

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Ignite 9 Program


A 9 week intensive course that includes 9 weeks of group fitness classes, 9 weekly health and nutrition round-table style group discussions, and 9 private one-on-one workout sessions. Ignite 9 is the key to igniting your fire and beginning the road to your goals. It is the most comprehensive workout program around and will not abandon you when the class is over.

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Supervised Training


Supervised Training is at the core of the Relentless Fitness experience and features Customized Training Programs created specifically for your needs. You receive supervision from our certified staff to ensure proper form, progression, and motivation. Your program changes every 4 weeks to ensure progress, engagement, and motivation.

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Personal Training


Individual and personal training sessions are unique to every person and will firmly cement you in your workout routine. Our experienced certified trainers work closely with you to motivate and guide you to success. We offer a customized training plan that gives you variety in your workouts and is designed to work out different parts of your body.

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